AGRANA in Turkey

About us

We currently operate one fruit processing plant in Turkey, where we transform premium fruit into top quality fruit preparations. Our production plant is located in close proximity to customers in order to be able to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

AGRANA Fruit in Turkey

Our production site

In November 2001, the AGRANA Fruit İstanbul started to operate in Turkey with its own facilities in Yalova. We supply companies in the dairy,icecream, bakery, confectionery and beverage market.


How it all began...


AGRANA Fruit  was founded  as SIAS MPA in France.


Pernod Ricard took over SIAS MPA.


AGRANA Fruit Istanbul was founded  as Merko-Sias Gıda San. ve Tic. a joint venture Merko Gıda and Sias MPA. 


SIAS MPA was acquired by the Butler Capital Partners and SIAS MPA changed its name to ATYS  S.A. Simultaneously, AGRANA Fruit Istanbul  changed its name as Atys-Merko Gıda San. ve Tic. A.S.


ATYS SA bought all share of Merko. AGRANA Fruit finalize acquisition of  ATYS, Streirerobst and DSF. Finally, the name of Turkish subsidiary of the company changed as AGRANA Fruit Istanbul Gida Tic. A.S